Track-by-Track: Three Legged Fox

Following the recent release of new album Watch The World, Kory and Kyle of Pennsylvania indie rock / reggae outfit Three Legged Fox talked us through each of the tracks…

I like to write Armageddon songs…songs about the fireworks at the end. I think there is a certain romanticism built into the idea. We also knew we wanted to have more reggae elements on this album. Sort of embrace the parts that people like about us. So, it’s not roots reggae by any stretch, but it has the vibe where maybe if John Mayer swung towards reggae, he might sound a little bit like Stay.

Remember Me
Like many of the songs on the record this song was written at the studio. We were looking to reconnect with our original inspiration and sound so we came up with this sublime-ish, dubby track that just felt good to us.

City of the Queen
Kyle wrote this song front to back, we just had to stand it up. One of the few songs we knew we had before going into the studio. First song we tracked. I love it. I think it’s one of the foundational pillars for the album. He writes a beautiful love song. And he’ll usually have one or two lyrics I’m completely jealous that he came up with, and not me.

Another Year
My wife wrote a lot of the lyrics on this one and it’s one of my favourites on the album. Chris (guitarist) played the fiddle and banjo on this track which gave it a really cool bluegrass vibe.

Dancing Down the Freeway
The music only took us a few hours to figure out, but the writing took forever. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. For a long time we didn’t know if maybe we should just scrap the whole idea. We arranged this song as a band, all five of us…which is rare. It was the last song we did, and we felt like we needed something up-tempo, and fun sounding. When you get to the end of recording albums, it’s always interesting to look at what you have, and then kind of figure out what you need. If we ever tour, I think this song would be a staple in a live set.

Peace or Worry
Kyle texted me one day and said “yo, lets write a song called Peace or Worry”. Right away I found that interesting. Originally I think it was even slower, so we sped it up and threw in a bunch of percussion. The idea is [that] some people have it so much worse than you do, and have such bigger problems. Also, we all make choices about what stresses us, or what pulls on us. There’s value in helping others, and getting rid of stuff you don’t need, whether it’s physical things, or psychological weight on your shoulders. Peace or Worry is about having true perspective.

This song came out of nowhere…and I’m glad it did. It’s one thing to say you need a song that sounds like a mix between U2 and Seal, but it’s another thing to actually do it. It’s my personal favourite song. It had dummy lyrics for a long time, but I knew I wanted it to be something that anybody could sing out loud…an anthem of sorts…so we complete re-wrote it lyrically. “I’ve been down, down but never out.” That could be anyone’s battle cry.

Get Us Home
This song was one of the first written for this album. We wanted a song that was reminiscent of older U2 stuff.

Ready to Burn
About wanting to get better at life. About the journey. We were just very particular in delivering the song as being on the way up the hill, not being stuck at the bottom of it. Admitting failures, but singing from the perspective of growth. Anyone who is honest with themselves has to be able to relate.

Indiana Snow
The other song Kyle brought in that was totally finished. Like I said, when he does that…you just get out of the way. It has a good mix of polish and rawness. We didn’t dress this one up very much…just tried to capture it with some soul.


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