Track-by-Track: Teen Creeps

Following our review of their new record Birthmarks, Teen Creeps talked us through each of the tracks on the album…

This one always felt like the perfect opener for the record with its machine gun-like drums and high energy. It’s a song about frustration and fear of commitment, and trying to cope with that. We did a weird dance/karaoke video with a friend of ours for it, which matches the energy and frustration perfectly.

This was the obvious “single” since the day it was written. It summarizes the record thematically by touching on multiple subjects in the verses and pre-choruses and culminating in the choruses. It has a lot of dynamic range, the vocals go from a soft falsetto to manic yelling and back again and it remains one of our favourites to this day.

A track that started from a bass part, and that gradually came together over the course of a couple of weeks. It’s about underachieving and not doing anything about it, basically. The ending was a lot of fun to record: stacking a load of feedbacking guitars on top of each other to create a perfect whirlwind of distortion.

One of the oldest tracks on the album, we wrote it right after we recorded our previous 7″. It has evolved on the road into this great start-stop rollercoaster. Ramses came up with some awesome drum parts, and there’s a lot of detail in the individual parts and their timing. A really fun song to play live.

Good Intentions
Our slowest song ever, sometimes jokingly described as our “ballad”. It’s about being in your mid-twenties, doubting everything and overthinking your relationships with your family, what you’ve achieved (or not) and where you’re going. It’s definitely the most personal song on the record, and I enjoyed playing with some light sarcasm and cynicism in the lyrics to state my case.

One of the lighter, pop-punk-ish songs on the album. We’ve even added some vocal harmonies in the choruses to amplify that feeling. And it even has a guitar solo! Not shying away from some of the classic tricks in this one.

The last song we finished before the recording session. The first time I sang it in the studio was the first time the others heard. It’s a moody, nostalgic song about the town I grew up in. It wasn’t the most inspiring place to live as a kid, nothing much to do, but the silence and nature surrounding me pushed me towards creating something of my own and starting to play music. Hemispheres is a subtle tribute without giving it too much credit (there was really nothing to do there).

One of our more straightforward “rock songs” about the actual power of a simple “rock song”. A song we rediscovered while rehearsing for the album’s release shows: a lot of fun to play live, especially the freewheeling end part.

Forging Kindness
Just like Sidenote had always been the perfect opener for the record, we always knew this one was going to close the record. It has a certain weight to it, both lyric-wise and musically that just feels right to end a record with.

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