Track-by-Track: Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage are due to release their new album Avrakedabra on 19th May, fresh from the success of Grammy-award winning record Strictly Roots. We’ve been speaking to the band about the new release, and they’ve given us the run-down on each of the songs it contains…

Want Some More (feat. Mr. Talkbox)
Life without music is a no no, but life without Reggae music, is a definite no no. Why live life without it?

One Life to Live
This is an anthem for everyday blue-collar workers out there who decide to go out and give it 100% everyday. Therefore we encourage everyone make the most of the life we were given.

One Family (feat. Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley)
The true reality is that the human race is one big family. In life everyone needs a reminder from time to time. So with the lack of love and unity present in the world today, it felt time for a reminder of the unity needed for peace, love and happiness.

Letting your significant other know constantly what their love truly is to you. It’s golden!

Tribute To Ruggs (feat. Bunny Ruggs)
With the intelligence that the human race possesses, why is it so hard to be loved? Why is it so hard to be just? Why is it so hard to be understanding and except everyone for who we are? Since when has being good become a task? If we could come together, all the answers would fall into place.

Reggae Night (feat. DreZion)
If you could feel like you were on a beach jamming to the sounds of the beat. That night would be a Reggae Night. The irresistible feel good experience!

It should be a crime not to travel around the earth. The beauty the world has to offer is an experience all humanity should enjoy at least once.

Ready For Love (feat. R. City)
This is about the journey of a man sharing his admiration and love for his lady and how he prepares her for the intimacy of loving each other. All while reassuring her she’s the only woman for him and there could be no other.

Pineapple Wine
Living life in a tropical setting on an enchanting island exploring its oasis and getting intoxicated on all it has to offer.

We Are (feat. Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island)
The youth are the future! We are hoping to inspire the young generation to come together, mobilize and change the world for the better. The future belongs to the youth, and we want them to start at a young age on working to make the future of the world better for all mankind.

Dream Girl
The dream that seemed too good to be true actually came through. Good girl gone bad or not, she’s still someone’s dream girl.

Ride and Roll
Roller coasters, speedboats, fast cars or skydiving, is no rush compared to the ride and roll with this lovely lady.

Harder Than U Know
Only you can say how you truly feel. Only you can tell your life’s story. Many will see your journey and not realize it’s harder than they know.

Dancing In The Moonlight
To free you of your stress and complications is a major key. So let your hair down, open your arms, do whatever makes you feel good and go dancing in the moonlight.

Reggae Night (Global Remix) (feat. Chubb Rock, Stylo G, Timaya, Bunji Garlin, Stonebwoy, DreZion and Jaheil)
From Brooklyn to Jamaica, London to Ghana over to Nigeria then down to Trinidad and back. You find people looking for a way to ease their mind. So if you could feel like you were on a beach jamming to the sounds of the beat. That night would be a Reggae Night. The irresistible feel good experience! Avrakedabra baby!

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