Track-by-Track: Jah Sun

Fresh from releasing his new album in April this year, we asked reggae star Jah Sun to take us through each of the tracks from Between The Lines…

Only Human: This is a song a I did in a reggae version on my last album, but I always wanted to do it in the spirit of Paul Simon’s Graceland. We had so much fun arranging the horns and percussion for this one. As for the lyrical meaning, well it’s all in the title…

You’re Gonna Fall: This is a good feeling love song about a guy who sets his heart on a girl and although she doesn’t know it yet, he is determined to win her over.

1997: This is a song of reflection. It’s my current self looking back at the younger me and appreciating the fact that we never gave up, and realizing that the mistakes that were made were really lessons; that’s what makes us who we are.

Guess Who: This is about the new generation feeling connected to the Rasta way of life. After having dreadlocks for twenty-two years, I recently cut them. I am saying “I may have cut my locks, but guess who is growing theirs now”.

Tables Turn: This is about learning what someone else goes through and walking in their shoes for a day. Oftentimes things look a certain way from the surface, but when you take a closer look you learn that we all have struggles to overcome. We put a country riff in there and some tropical flavour in order to give it a different vibe. One of my favourites on the album.

Between the Lines: The title track. Led by cello and violin and accompanied by a small choir, this song is about life. The haves and have nots, those who fall and those who climb. It’s about the duality of fear and love and finding balance.

Ghetto Ballad: This is my redemption song, stripped down to just me and my guitar. This song is a salute to those in the ghetto. It touches on how life is there and why it is that way.

After I’m Gone: It’s partly about my transformation and cutting my dreadlocks, but also about rejection and appreciation. “Will you remember me, a day after I’m gone?” As I step into a new direction, will you remember my contributions from before? Can you stay by my side as I continue my journey?

New Hope: To me this is about the divine connection. Sourcing your strength from within to pull you through hard times.

Fool’s Gold: This is a classic love song about not taking a woman for granted. “Only a fool would make a fool of a heart that’s made of gold.”

Runnin: This was inspired by the refugee crisis that is happening around the world, but it’s also written in a way that anyone who feels like they are running from something can relate to it.

Love Currency: Well it’s the world that I dream of… Somewhere we spend time, not dollars. This song is meant to remind us that the best things in life aren’t “things”.

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