Tiny Moving Parts

  • Headliner:Tiny Moving Parts
  • Support:Orchards, Layover
  • When:14th April 2018
  • Where:The Asylum, Birmingham
  • Reviewed By:Jamie Kerr

It’s been a long time since I’d been this keen for a gig. The sun was shining, I’d had a couple of beers and was off to see one of my new favourite bands with my dudes in a tiny room.

Unfortunately travel constraints meant I missed local pop-punk upstarts Layover. However I did make it along for Orchards and boy did they impress. I’d been listening to their songs all week after the recent announcement they had been signed to Big Scary Monsters; who have a habit of unearthing hidden gems and they have certainly found another in Orchards.  Taking all the best bits of math rock and sprinkling some pop into the mix, they have created a very catchy sound in a genre that is often largely inaccessible to the masses. They’re very much a band that let their music do the talking. Their crowd participation was a little awkward but the crowd were also somewhat subdued to begin with, but those in attendance soon warmed to them. All in all it was a very good performance, from a very promising young band whose name you’ll be hearing more and more.

Tiny Moving Parts are a band I’ve known about for a couple of years, having first seen them play the same venue in 2016 in support of The Fall of Troy. That evening there were very few people who had even heard of them, but tonight the room was packed out to see one of the fastest-rising bands around. Not much had changed since that show in 2016, with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm on display; the only difference is that they now have the brilliant army of songs from latest album Swell to add to their repertoire.

Their set list was near flawless, with songs from each album showing why they’re so highly rated. Their blend of math rock and Midwest emo really is the best around and was shown with Happy Birthday, Birdhouse, Applause and Always Focused being particular highlights.  Special mention must go to Dylan Mattheisen’s ability to sing, play, tap and dance all without missing a note. The guy has some serious skills and clearly takes real joy in doing what he does, with a smile almost permanently etched across his face. In fact, the enjoyment and energy the whole band put into their performances really endears them to their fans, not only for being properly good, but also through being genuinely sound and humble dudes. Even after their set closed with the brilliant Caution, they stuck around to chat to fans and geek out over their love for Nandos.

If you still haven’t checked out Tiny Moving Parts, I strongly urge you to do so. Based on tonight’s showing, it won’t be long before they’re packing out far larger and less intimate venues. And after four albums, it’s wonderful to see they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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