The Shell Corporation

Following the release of new album Fucked, we caught up with Curtiss and his band The Shell Corporation…

The Punk Archive: Hey Curtiss, how’s it going?
Curtiss: It’s going quite well, thank you for asking. We are just sitting in our van on tour. There sure are a lot of bees outside though, that’s weird.

The Punk Archive: How’s your 2018 been so far?
Curtiss: I’d say pretty good, the record is…OW shit that hurt! Sorry I just got stung by a bee. What the hell. Anyways we are stoked that the record is finally out. Crap…more bees are coming into the van. They seem really angry.

The Punk Archive: How’s your tour going? What have been the best bits so far?
Curtiss: Err it’s been going OW! great. OW! They are stinging all of us now. Ok. Ok. They’ve calmed down. The shows have been really fun. Great to see old friends that we only get to really see on tour. Oh no… I think Sean is having an allergic reaction to the bee stings.

The Punk Archive: You released Fucked a little earlier this month. Talk us through the writing and recording process?
Curtiss: Oh my God. His skin is bubbling and oozing. Holy shit. We gotta get him to the hospital. Umm the record. Well I hardly think this an appropriate time to talk about this but well Jan wrote the basis for the songs acoustically and we turned them into OH LORD AND MARY JESUS HE’S TRANSFORMING.

The Punk Archive: How has the response been to the record?
Curtiss: NO STAY AWAY FROM. SHIT. SHIT. Jake tackled him. He’s down and we were able to tie him up with some guitar cords. Ok wow that was intense. Where were we? The record. Jesus. Ok. People seem to really like it. I definitely think it’s our best record and people seem to agree. OH FUCK HE BROKE OUT. OH. OH MY GOD. HE GREW WINGS LIKE A BEE. OH NO HE JUST STUNG JAKE IN THE CHEST. HEAVENS ABOVE.

The Punk Archive: How do you think it showcases your development as a band?

The Punk Archive: Which song on the record are you most proud of and why?
Curtiss: Oh god oh god he’s dead. He’s really dead. What are we going to do? I like all the songs I guess. I just miss Jake. Rest in piece buddy. Ok well, Sean seems to be occupied so we can get back to the interview. The show must go on right? I think I’m most proud of I Came For The Waters because it’s super fast and Jake nailed it on the first take. Oh Jesus. Jake. I almost forgot that he is just a pile of puss and flesh in the corner. He has kids for Christ sake. Oh god how do we tell his wife? WHAT do we tell her? I don’t even. I can’t. Fuck. Ok I gotta stop crying. Pull it together man.

The Punk Archive: What else do you have planned for 2018?
Curtiss: Well it’s… It’s just me and Jan now, I don’t think Sean is going to be in much shape for touring anymore. You know cause of the whole flesh-eating bee-man thing. But we have to promote this record so HEY YOU! NO.  STAY AWAY FROM JAN. OH NO HE GOT HIM. NO. FUCK. NO.  THIS CANT BEE HAPPENING I GOTTA RUN I GOTTA…

The Punk Archive would like to reassure readers no bees were harmed in the making of this interview….

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