The Run-Up: Good Friends, Bad Luck

  • Artist:The Run Up
  • Title:Good Friends, Bad Luck
  • Format Reviewed:MP3
  • Format Released:28th September 2018
  • Reviewed By:Lee Morton

Bristol-based melodic punk five-piece The Run Up are about to release their latest EP, the aptly titled Good Friends, Bad Luck, inspired by the life of a DIY punk band and making the best out of bad situations which all bands in the scene can identify with.

The EP opens with the title track, a short instrumental, before launching in to first track proper, The Upside Of Being Down which mixes the typical melodic punk delivery with a slight hint of pop-punk bounce. The song is about lead singer Larry Bernard’s experience of living with friends he recently met and the lessons he learned and there’s a real positive vibe to it, with is reflected in the music.

Captain follows and builds on the strong start by adding plenty of harmonies and a splash of skatepunk to the mix. There’s a great tempo to this track that keeps your interest as well as some excellent guitar work but my one real complaint is that I was struggling with the vocals, which get a little lost in the mix.

Etherial Ghost is my favourite track here, reminding me as it does of The Flatliners, with a driving drum beat, layered vocals and Larry’s passionate delivery as waves of melodic punk build up creating a beautiful noise.

Last track, Keep Going is another song brim-full of positivity and hope. The riffs are notably heavier adding extra crunch but once again I felt let down with the vocal mix, which if cleaner would lift the whole EP.

Overall, this is a very solid EP which cements their status as ones to watch. Having just finished a European tour and a battle of bands final for a slot on this year’s Fuelling The Fire Tour to come things are definitely on the (run) up for these boys.

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