The Lion And The Wolf

Following the news that Thomas George, aka The Lion And The Wolf has signed to Xtra Mile Records, we caught up with the singer songwriter to chat new album…

The Punk Archive: Hey Tom, how’s it going?
Tom: Hello! I’m very well thanks, currently sat in a coffee house in Southampton just behind my friends Kerry and Matt who have no idea I am here. I think this makes me creepy for mentioning them. Hello Kerry and Matt!

The Punk Archive: Your new record The Cardiac Hotel comes out on 7th October. Can you tell us about the writing and recording process?
Tom: Sure. It was recorded down on the Isle of Wight at Red Squirrel Studios in my home town of Ventnor. Not many people live there (just over 7,000) and being able to record “at home” was  a real benefit and by moving into the studio for six weeks it was great being able to wake up and get to work. The majority of the album was written when I was away touring so being able to hit the ground running when we started work on The Cardiac Hotel was great. We recorded with no click track or digital plug-ins so what you can hear is more or less live, bar a few overdubs here and there. We also went out around Ventnor and recorded some environmental sounds such as the sea, a church and ambient noise.

The Punk Archive: The record was creatively driven from your Father’s illness. Do you find it’s easier to write when such a significant event is taking place in your life?
Tom: It’s a cliche but yes, I do. Dad had a heart attack at the end of 2014 and when something happens like that your creativity gets fired up in a weird kind of way. It’s probably different for other people but for me when something happens I can’t help but write. I guess it’s a form of release. Some of my favourite songs from this album and the previous record were written in an hour at a point where I was feeling particularly strong, fragile, weak, pissed off or detached.

The Punk Archive: How do you feel you’ve developed as an artist since your previous record and new one?
Tom: I feel like I now know what I’m actually doing. Symptoms was a miss match of songs really. I LOVE that record and wouldn’t change it for the world but with The Cardiac Hotel I feel like I’ve really honed in on my craft and now how to structure songs properly. Symptoms was a collection of songs I had written across the previous four years whereas Hotel was pretty much based around the theme of Dad being in hospital.

The Punk Archive: You’ve signed to Xtra Mile Recordings: talk us through how that came about. Does it feel like a perfect fit?
Tom: It really does. I’ve had a great relationship with XM for a while now. Rob Lynch submitted my song Ghosts on Trinity for a ‘signed vs unsigned’ compilation they put out back in 2014 and off it I ended up touring with Billy the Kid, then PJ Bond and then Northcote who are all part of the XM family so it felt like a natural fit when they approached me about the new album.  They are a great label with strong DIY ethos like myself so I think we team up really well together!

The Punk Archive: What does the rest of 2016 hold for you?
Tom: Well, the album comes out October 7th worldwide so for now I am bang in the middle of the campaign for the buildup to the release and we are busy practicing for the full band tour which I am super excited for. It’s basically full steam ahead and I’m so glad to have a solid team behind TLATW now as for the past couple of years it was essentially just me doing everything DIY so being taken on by the likes of XM / Grand Hotel Van Cleef and CODA feels like validation that I am on the right path. 2017 is shaping up really nicely too with some super cool stuff going on. I’m basically stoked on life at the moment.

You can pre-order The Cardiac Hotel here.

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