• Headliner:Silverstein
  • Support:Shadows Into Light, Hail The Sun
  • When:10th December 2017
  • Where:The Globe, Cardiff
  • Reviewed By:Katie Bizley

Live music is definitely what’s needed to liven up cold December Sundays. Snow was falling as I got off the train and made my way to The Globe. The night’s headliners Silverstein who hail from Ontario must have been feeling at home in this Canadian-style weather.

After arriving, first up for me was an interview with Silverstein vocalist Shane Told, meaning I got down in front of the stage just as the first band (the local Shadows into Light fronted by Funeral For A Friend guitarist Gavin Burroughs) finished. Catch you next time guys!

Following them up were Californian post-hardcore band Hail The Sun. Their set was solid and I’m I glad I hadn’t researched them beforehand, as it was a cool surprise on the night to discover that their drummer is also their lead vocalist: and he’s awesome at both. The lead and rhythm guitar from this band were tight, at times sounding like a crashing wall of sound and at others melodic and precise. Halfway through their set drummer/singer Donovan Melero got up to concentrate his efforts solely on singing, replaced on the drums by a guy with an impressive moustache. At this point the vocals upped a notch too. The crowd reacted well to their set and although it didn’t look like they had many existing fans at The Globe, I’m sure they gained some.

Then, the moment everyone had been waiting for came as Silverstein took the stage. They launched into their set with Stand Amid The Roar, which definitely described what they themselves were doing at that moment as the crowd were amped up! The frantic drums and guitar immediately opened up a big pit that remained for the duration of the set. They played a decent mix of tracks from their new album and vast back catalogue, with old favourites like Smile In Your Sleep sounding as good as ever. Shane’s voice live was impressive, expertly switching between faultless clean and yelled unclean vocals. The chemistry between guitarists Josh Bradford and Paul Rousseau was great, between pounding out riffs and flawless melodies they were joking around, flicking picks at each other and bouncing round the stage.

Afterglow, the poppiest track from Dead Reflection produced a great reaction from the crowd, as did my favourite from the new album, Retrograde, and actually their whole set to be honest: there wasn’t a moment where the energy from the band or crowd dropped.

The set ended with My Heroine, which was a highlight for me as it’s the track that made me fall in love with Silverstein around ten years ago. To finally hear that guitar intro and the emotional vocals building up to the pounding chorus performed live was awesome. One of the great things about it was seeing the whole band looking like they were having so much fun; they clearly still love playing this track. The same could be said throughout their whole set as they constantly looked like they were having a blast. They hung around afterwards too, speaking with fans and in no hurry to get away.

It’s a shame Silverstein don’t come to the UK that often: this gig was a 10/10!

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