Sextile: Playlist

Following the release of their new album Albeit Living on 14th July, we asked Sextile to pull together a playlist of the songs which have influenced them the most…

The Fall: Eat Yourself Fitter
Mark E Smith vocals, the call and response, the repetition, and minimalism.

Brian Eno: Kings Lead Hat
Brian Eno is a wealth of influence, this is a perfect example of why.

D.A.F.: Genetmnis
They are the whole reason we own both the original Korg MS10 and MS20.

Crass: You Got Big Hands
The energy, the energy, the energy.

Neon: Lobotomy (demo version)
Bouncy with an amazing synth bass.

Miss Nicky Tracks: Acid in the House
Great dominatrix techno acid house song!

David Bowie: Teenage Wild Life
All time favourite jam, it peaks at the chorus and that guitar…

The Ramones: Questioningly
The greatest 60s band, not from the 60s.

The Velvet Underground: I’m Set Free
There are many elements to The Velvets, this is just one of our many favourites.

Crash Course in Science: Jump Over Barrels
More people should know about this band from Philadelphia, this was made in the early 80s. Listen to everything they have done.

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