Preview: Pouzza Fest: Skating Polly

We caught up with Skating Polly this week to talk Pouzza 7…

The Punk Archive: Hey Skating Polly! How’s it going?
Skating Polly: Hey! It’s going pretty good. We’ve been playing music all morning, and now we’re just hangin’ around the house for a bit before we get back to it.

The Punk Archive: How’s your 2017 been so far?
Skating Polly: It’s been great! We added our brother Kurt as a member at the beginning of the year, and we’re sounding better than ever. We’ve got lots of cool stuff coming up: a tour this May/June including dates with one of our favourite bands, the legendary X, a new EP we made with Nina and Louise of Veruca Salt, and some super exciting secret stuff planned for August! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

The Punk Archive: Are you excited to be playing Pouzza this year?
Skating Polly: Yes! We LOVED playing Montreal last summer. It’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve played, full of rad people.

The Punk Archive: Have you played before?
Skating Polly: We’ve never played Pouzza before, but in June 2016 we played Turbo Haüs with The Dirty Nil, which was one of the highlights of that tour for us. The crowd was bouncing and people were shouting the lyrics of our songs and The Dirty Nil blew the roof off the place. AMAZING performers! We caught them in the midst of their tour with OFF! Everyone was having a blast, and energy was contagious. It was so intense. We’ve been itchin’ to go back!

The Punk Archive: For Pouzza-goers who haven’t seen you before, what should they expect from your live show?
Skating Polly: I think even for people who have seen us it’s gonna be different than ever before since we added Kurtis. It’s heavier, noisier, more exciting. The songs feel more powerful on stage with Kurt. It’s gonna be crazy.

The Punk Archive: What one piece of advice would you give Pouzza attendees?
Skating Polly: Stay hydrated and come to our show!

The Punk Archive: You’re soon to release a new EP. Are you excited to release that? How was the writing and recording process?
Skating Polly: We are SO excited! We wrote and recorded all the songs with Nina and Louise. Working with them made us think about songwriting in ways we’d never thought about before. They taught us little tricks that we’ve carried over into our own songs. It was so much fun and such a learning experience. Kelli and I both came out as better drummers, guitar players, singers, and songwriters. And, Brad Wood (Exile in Guyville, American Thighs, Bunny Gets Paid!) produced it! All five of us had something to contribute and honestly it came out even better than we could’ve hoped for! It’s some of the best stuff we’ve done and the vinyl has an etching I drew on the b-side. I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it!

The Punk Archive: What else do you have planned for the year?
Skating Polly: We’ve started writing some new songs, so we can get back in the studio soon! And of course, lots’n’lots of touring, all over the country and hopefully all over other countries.  We have so much in store for this year, and we are just so stoked to get it all out there!

Pouzza 7 is held in Montreal from 19th – 21st May 2017. Head here for more info!

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