Preview: Pouzza Fest: Signals Midwest

We caught up with Max Stern of Signals Midwest recently as one of our Pouzza previews…

The Punk Archive: Hey Max, how’s it going?
Max: Good! Making plans. Psyched to get back on the road. Our lives are insane lately and we live in different cities now, so whenever we do get the chance to play together we really try to make it count.

The Punk Archive: Are you excited to be playing Pouzza this year?
Max: Yeah! I think we played in 2014 and haven’t been back to the festival since, although we’ve played Montreal a few times since then with our friends The Smith Street Band and Choke Up. It’s such a beautiful city and Jon and Guilhem and Olivier and the crew are so sweet to us. And Great Cynics are touring with us, they’re from the UK and I don’t think they’ve ever played Montreal, so I’m excited to experience the festival with them.

The Punk Archive: Will there be any surprises or new songs in your set?
Max: We’re playing mostly songs from At This Age. We’ve been trying to let our sets breathe a little bit more, so some of the slower jams from that record will make it in.

The Punk Archive: Please list out the top 5 bands not to miss over the weekend and give a couple of lines as to why you chose them?
Max: PUP because they’re fucking unstoppable.
Lost Love because they’re hometown heroes.
Iron Chic because their songs are perfect.
Tim Barry because he’s probably one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen.
And THE SLACKERS because it’s impossible to watch that band and not have a good time.
Thanks dudes, see you at Pouzza!

For more information on Pouzza Fest, head here.

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