Preview: Pouzza Fest: Class of 86

With Pouzza now just less than a week away, we caught up with Class of 86…

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, how’s it going?
CO86: Hi. How’s it going? I’d say it’s going pretty decent. That’s as good as we’re willing to concede for now.

The Punk Archive: Introduce yourselves to our readers?
CO86: We’re Class of 86 from Minneapolis, MN. I hear we sound like A Wilhelm Scream meets Propagandhi. That works for us.

The Punk Archive: How’s your 2017 going so far?
CO86: So far I would say this year stands to be a great one for music. The world is fucked but the music… great stuff. I feel like some really solid releases are coming and have already come out in the first few months.

The Punk Archive: You’re playing Pouzza this year. Are you excited for that?
CO86: We’ve done some sort of small tour each year since our LP, Future On Fire, came out in 2014. Pouzza will be our first foray into international territory as a band so that is very exciting. We sent a lot of those LPs to eastern Canada so we’re hoping to meet some of the people who have supported us over the past few years.

The Punk Archive: What is it that’s so special about Pouzza?
CO86: If I’m not mistaken Pouzza is the marriage of Poutine and Pizza. That’s pretty darn special.

The Punk Archive: What advice would you give any first-time attendees?
CO86: As first time attendees of Pouzza ourselves we’d be remiss not to try a slab of pouzza itself over the weekend. Contact us at with your recommended pouzza vendors. Cheers.

The Punk Archive: Which are the top three bands not to miss for you over the weekend?
CO86: Oof. Top three bands at a big festival? Not easy to answer. I would advise others to catch Charlie Siren on Friday. They’re another Minneapolis band. Very tight. Super fun. And they’re calling it quits soon so see them now! We’re touring out to Pouzza with The Right Here (also Minneapolis) and you should catch them on Sunday. Great band. Great dudes. The third one is tough. I wanna pick too many. I’m gonna say Dutch Nuggets. We had the pleasure of touring Florida for a few dates last summer with these guys and Guttermouth. We bonded. It didn’t get weird but we’re hoping that being on their turf will change that.

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