Preview: Manchester Punk Festival: Mobina Galore

With MPF 2018 now just about a month away, we caught up with Jenna from Mobina Galore…

The Punk Archive: Hey Jenna, how’s it going? How’s your 2018 been so far?
Jenna: 2018 has been off to a pretty calm start in the world of Mobina Galore which is a nice change from the previous two years! We’ve been home in Winnipeg all year working on new material, hanging with family, going out to local shows and getting prepped for our spring touring. I picked up a temp job for a bit to get some extra cash and thank God that’s over ’cause I’m ready to get back into full blown tour mode!

The Punk Archive: Introduce yourselves to our readers? How would you describe your sound, influences etc?
Jenna: We have been using the tagline “vocally aggressive power chord punk duo” for a while now and feel that accurately depicts just what we sound like! There are a lot of genres and descriptors that get used in bios and can be a bit obscure and exclusive making some readers more confused then before, so we just try to make it simple. Our influences range from Against Me! to Propagandhi to Tom Petty, but I wouldn’t say we sound anything like any of those bands so just head back to that tagline: that’s what we sound like.

The Punk Archive: Are you excited to be playing MPF 2018?
Jenna: Hell yeah we’re excited to play MPF! It’s our first year and couldn’t be more stoked to have a solid UK date to start off this Euro tour. We first heard about MPF in December 2016 when we were on tour with Against Me!. With some time to kill we were wondering around Manchester and came across the poster in the streets and thought “Damn, that looks fun. Let’s get on that next year!”. Turns out we were being put up by Ian who had had a bunch of handbills on his coffee table and said “This is a festival I put on, we would love to have Mobina some time!”…and here we are!

The Punk Archive: Can you choose five other bands you’re excited to see on the line-up and tell us why you chose each?
Jenna: The great thing about festivals is finding new bands you’ve never heard of before and I think that’s usually our approach. It’s hard to get too excited about any one band because you may get tied up with beer and friends here or press there and not be able to catch the set, or worse case you play at the same time as someone like Hot Water Music like we did at FEST! But to name a few we’re stoked about …
Propagandhi: not much explanation needed here, they are legends and legends from our hometown at that! Winnipeg represent!
Iron Chic: we toured with them late last year and loved the energy and enthusiasm they and their fans brought every night.
Death By Stereo: although we won’t be able to catch this set I wish SO BAD I could. Into the Valley of Death used to be one of my favourites and haven’t tuned into them for many years now, but this festival has got me back them.

The Punk Archive: What else do you have planned for 2018?
Jenna: Our main goal for the upcoming year is to get our new album done but we’re also itching to tour a bunch, so it seems to me the year will consist mostly of trying to balance the two of those epic tasks. I feel fairly confident that we will accomplish both because we constantly work hard and want to get shit done so let’s reconvene at the end of the year shall we!?

Manchester Punk Festival takes place from the 19th – 21st April 2018, and is fully sold-out.

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