Preview: Manchester Punk Festival: The Bennies

In the first of our preview features for MPF2018, we caught up with Anty from The Bennies…

The Punk Archive: Hey Anty, how’s it going?
Anty: Pretty fucking dandy! We are in Adelaide at the moment and about to blaze up a fucking storm.

The Punk Archive: How’s your 2018 been so far?
Anty: Yeah its been a fun start to the year. We just put out a new album called Natural Born Chillers. It’s dope as fuck and rules hard. Been playing some sweet shows and can’t wait to get back over to the U.K and Europe!

The Punk Archive: Are you excited to be playing MPF and why?
Anty: Absolutely! A good mate of ours is heavily involved with the organisational side of the festival, and we love him heaps. The line-up is incredibly good and fun… and it’s Manchester! That city is a wild good time. Last time we were in Manchester we tried to do our washing at this laundromat thingo… but it ended up being some trendy bar where we couldn’t wash our clothes…everyone was dressed so well.. and we stunk like we’d been on tour for months. Classy shit.

The Punk Archive: For MPF-goers who haven’t yet seen you live, how would you describe your style, sound and live set?
Anty: It’s a crazy wild party and everyone is invited and throwing up all over the place. We play party music: it’s like a blend of punk rock, reggae, ska, hip-hop, metal and everything in between. Try not to smile you sad sack!

The Punk Archive: Can you pick five other bands on the line-up you’re most excited to see and give us a few lines about why you’ve chosen them?
Anty: Heard really good things about Ducking Punches, so I’m super pumped for that. Random Hand are a band I’ve listened to for ages: never ever thought I’d get to see them. So feeling sweet as about that gravy! Apologies, I Have None: I love this band so much. Can’t stop, won’t stop listening to them! Eat Defeat are our driver’s band. He is the best dude in the world and his band is so so so so sick. Fucking love pop-punk… I actually wanna get a pop-punk tattoo. Throwing Stuff are a band that are made up of my favourite people in the whole world. Crazy fun times with those guys. Oh, and The Bennies: I can’t wait to watch them haha!

Manchester Punk Festival 2018 takes place 19th – 21st April and is sold out. For more information head here


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