Preview: The Fest 16: Western Addiction

We caught up with Jason from Western Addiction as part of our Fest preview features this year…

The Punk Archive: Hey Jason, how’re things?
Jason: Decent. We are playing a great warm-up show for Fest on Friday, Oct. 13th with Cult Leader. That band is intense. I’ve never heard louder humans.

The Punk Archive: Tell us about your favourite Fest memories…
Jason: Sadly, I have none because I have never played it. The rest of the guys in the band have been several times with their other bands (Dead To Me, Cobra Skulls, Nothington, etc.) but this will be my first time. Some of my favourites are playing: Against Me!, Smoking Popes, toyGuitar, Iron Reagan, etc. and I’m looking forward to checking out some bands I’ve never seen: Career Suicide, Gouge Away and Night Witch.

The Punk Archive: What are the most unique things about Fest for you?
Jason: I imagine it will be seeing so many old friends in one place.  I heard that part is special.

The Punk Archive: How was your tour with Night Birds?
Jason: It was a lot of fun. They are wonderful men and we enjoy their company. We had a chance to visit the Mutter Museum in Philly for the first time. It was incredible. It’s a science museum of human abnormalities but very respectable and professional. Oddly enough, there were lots of other rockers there.

The Punk Archive: You released new record Tremulous this year. How has the response been to that?
Jason: I feel it has been positive but I never really know. Many people comment on the final song on the record. It’s about five minutes long and quite a departure for our band. We made a video for it with vintage footage of San Francisco and it’s pretty moving. I’ve had some people I greatly respect comment on the song and that was very cool. We are pretty proud of that song and how it turned out. We also made a video for Honeycreeper and that was pretty rewarding.

The Punk Archive: What else do you have planned for 2017?
Jason: We want to play as many shows as we can and maybe make it back to Europe. We also have a few songs from the Tremulous sessions that we want to finish. We just ran out of time in the studio but I think they are pretty solid.

Head here for more info on Fest…

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