Preview: The Fest 16: Lost Love

Our final Fest preview this year comes courtesy of Lost Love’s Guilhem…

The Punk Archive: Hey Guilhem, how’s it going?
Guilhem: Great! We’ve just recorded a new album. Can’t wait to release it. Hopefully next spring? Definitely in 2018.

The Punk Archive: How’s your 2017 been? What have the highlights and lowlights been?
Guilhem: 2017’s been a more quiet year. We have not toured as much as in 2016, but we haven’t released anything new either. We worked on our new material.
We also toured in Ontario/Quebec twice so far (with two bands from France: Maladroit and Water Mane) and we had two tours, one on the east coast (for Fest) and the other one in UK/Europe. Stoked on that. Lowlight of the year: we’re still looking for a permanent lead guitar player. Do you know anyone?

The Punk Archive: We understand you’re working on a new record. Can you give us some insight into that?
Guilhem: It’s gonna be different. There’s gonna a wider range of sounds than the last one. It’s gonna be more pop. It’s gonna talk about being busy all the time.

The Punk Archive: Are you excited to be playing Fest?
Guilhem: Yes! First time playing Fest! I remember when we started the band in 2013, a webzine mocked us saying that we were playing “fest-like punk” but that we would never play FEST.
That webzine doesn’t exist anymore. We do.

The Punk Archive: Tell us what are your favourite: venues, things to eat, and memories of Fest?
Guilhem: Personally, I’ve been only once. Favourite venue is probably Loosey’s. Favourite things to eat is probably those burritos or those mac and cheese balls at that Boca Fiesta place.
Can’t wait to wear a denim jacket, drink fancy drinks from a pineapple and high five a thousand people we’ve met on the road in the past five years.

The Punk Archive: What can fans expect from your set this year?
Guilhem: Our drummer can’t make it for this tour (he just had a kid this year, did I mention it was THE highlight of year? Because it is) so our fill-in drummer only learned “old songs”.
It’s gonna be songs off Comfortable Scars and maybe a new song as well.

The Punk Archive: Finally, list out the five other bands you’re most excited to see this year, and tell us why you picked them?
Guilhem: CUT UP from San Francisco, because I haven’t seen those guys in a while.
FOREST POOKY from France, because he has probably the most wonderful voice in the world.
MOBINA GALORE from Winnipeg, because they rip.
THE PENSKE FILE from hell, because they’re the best trio ever.
SIGNALS MIDWEST from Cleveland, because Max’s smile makes me wanna smile for a whole week non-stop when I see him AND I love the last record they released.

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