Preview: The Fest 16: Ghouls

It’s time for another The Fest 16 preview! We caught up with Ben from UK punks Ghouls, currently on the road as part of their I Want To Be On Every Plane I See tour…

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, how’s it going?
Ben: Good thank you, currently in the van on the way to Plymouth. One week out from flying to the States so exciting times all round.

The Punk Archive: Tell us about your first Fest experience last year…
Ben: When we found out we’d be heading to Florida last year, it exploded our little British minds. We made the decision to not only go to Fest but to go about a DIY tour of the east coast of USA, starting in NYC and ending in Gainesville for Fest. Somehow we managed to facilitate it and before we knew it we were adventuring our way through America. Fest being the finale to our journey, it felt incredible to have made it the 3000-odd miles we’d travelled to get there. The atmosphere to the festival itself is so welcoming and friendly, full of likeminded festival goers: we’re beyond stoked to be back this year.

The Punk Archive: How excited are you to be going back?
Ben: This year we are taking things a little easier and sticking to the Florida area so it’ll be nice to soak up the festival to its full. We’re also headed to play Pre-Fest this year too so we’ll be all warmed up and ready by the time we get to Gainesville.

The Punk Archive: What for you are the best things about Fest?
Ben: I think there’s a long list of things, but it’s the community Fest has that makes it stand out. Fest-goers are like a big family that support real, hard working bands and show up to Gainesville once a year for good times and importantly, music. So many festivals seem to have forgotten the actual music element: they seem to be slowly becoming party/holiday destinations. There’s also all the little perks of Fest: it’s in sunny Florida, 2 dollar pizza, great coffee spots… like I said, long list.

The Punk Archive: How’s your 2017 been? What have the highlights been for you?
Ben: 2017 has been a really cool year: we finally released our second album, RUN. We’ve toured the UK, Europe and now rounding it off with the USA. There’s been plenty of organisation and plans made for next year that are going to be really exciting. There’s also been plenty of creativity and new material written so that should manifest itself into something cool for next year.

The Punk Archive: How is the “I Wanna Be On Every Plane I See” tour going?
Ben: It’s going really well, it’s nice to be playing songs from RUN and seeing such a positive reaction. It’s humbling that people give their time to listen to it and have got to know it. It’s really appropriate that we end the tour by actually getting on a plane too! Definitely looking forward to that.

The Punk Archive: What can Fest-goers who haven’t seen you before expect from your set?
Ben: A ‘Dance-like-nobody-is-watching’ performance that’ll hopefully make you wanna move, whether you do or not is up to you but you’re gonna be in Gainesville, you’re surrounded a loving community and it’s sunny Florida…if that doesn’t make you wanna let go of the daily stresses life brings then I’m not sure what will?

Head here for more info on this year’s Fest…

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