Preview: The Fest 16: Decent Criminal

We caught up with Decent Criminal to talk The Fest 16…

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, how’s your 2017 going?
DC: Hey dudes! 2017 has been great to us, probably the busiest one we’ve had so far as a band. A lot of recording, touring and now starting to get even busier with our new record coming out.

The Punk Archive: Tell us exactly what a Decent Criminal would be like…
DC: Well I believe the name came from our drummer Hunter’s interpretation of our cousin Derek. Derek has been serving a life sentence in prison these past 13 years or so for committing a crime he was proven to have not done years ago. There’s a mess of a process that comes with that that I won’t get into, but yeah I think the name Decent Criminal was a bit of a tribute to Derek from Hunter.

The Punk Archive: You’ve recently signed to Dodgeball Records: What’s it like to be part of a label formed by such legends on the scene?
DC: Dodgeball rules! It’s phenomenal to have met people that are just as stoked on the music of their bands as the bands themselves are. I imagine they achieved this legendary status from being the passionate, hard-working dudes they are. Real fortunate to be working together these days.

The Punk Archive: How excited are you to be playing Fest this year?
DC: Incredibly excited to be playing Fest this year. We’re homies with a lot of the bands on the roster this year so I’m sure it’ll be fun to hang with all of them and meet all the other amazing people this festival seems to attract.

The Punk Archive: Have you been before?
DC: I have not been before, so I’m incredibly stoked to see what it’s all about.

The Punk Archive: Who else are you most excited to see across the weekend?
DC: Oh man excited for a lot of the bands. Toy Guitar, Smoking Popes, Toys That Kill, Young Go Hards, Atom Age, Daydream, Superchunk, toooo many.

Head here to find out more about Fest 16…

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