Preview: The Fest 16: Banner Pilot

We caught up with Nate from Minneapolis punks Banner Pilot this week…

The Punk Archive: Hey Nate, how’s your 2017 been? What have the highlights and lowlights been?
Nate: Good! We’ve been pretty quiet the last couple years but have started picking up the pace in the last few months, so that’s been fun. The new songs are coming together. Lowlights? Hmm… the host of Celebrity Apprentice being president is pretty sucky.

The Punk Archive: You’re back at Fest this year. Are you excited to be back?
Nate: I’m going to go with a ‘Yes’ on that one.

The Punk Archive: Which are your favourite venues; favourite food and favourite memories of Fest?
Nate: High Dive is my favourite venue. The Top has the best food. Lots of great memories… top of my head, seeing the Descendents stands out.

The Punk Archive: You’ve asked on social media for some suggestions for your set-list. Have you formulated that now?
Nate: I think we’re like 90 percent there, yeah. Still might change a couple things.

The Punk Archive: When can fans expect to hear some new music from Banner Pilot? What stage are you at with demos?
Nate: I’ve got music written for like 15 songs… some of which have a lot of potential I think. Need to get melodies on more of them and then start playing them a bunch with the full band. So, we’ve got the guts of a new album for sure but we’re pretty slow nowadays so it’s certainly not right around the corner or anything. But, it’s fun to work on new stuff, and it’s coming along.

The Punk Archive: Finally – can you please pick out the five other bands on the line-up you don’t want to miss, and tell us why you chose them?
Nate: Superchunk: One of my favourite bands, never seen them before.
The Lillingtons: Fun band I haven’t seen since I was in high school.
Against Me!: If I listed out my favourite ten shows of all time I think Against Me! would hold three different spots.
Dopamines: Good friends of ours we used to tour with; haven’t seen them in a few years
Teenage Bottlerocket: Ditto

For more information on The Fest 16 head here

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