Neverlearn: Start Tomorrow

  • Artist:Neverlearn
  • Title:Start Tomorrow
  • Format Reviewed:MP3
  • Format Released:19th August 2016
  • Reviewed By:Gareth Case

Whenever I see a band describe themselves as “melodic fast punk rock” I fear for the sounds I’ll hear coming through my headphones over the next ten to forty-five minutes (depending how long said band’s record is).

Not because I don’t like that particular genre of music. More because I question how a band can stand out in a crowd that has been saturated with bands describing themselves the same since Bad Religion’s Suffer.

Therefore, when I received Neverlearn’s Start Tomorrow EP for review I felt a shiver running down the back of my neck.

Hailing from Oulu, Finland it’s fair to say my exposure to this band was non-existent. So, with fearful expectations at the forefront of my mind I dived in for my first listen of the four track, eleven minute EP.

The EP starts with the title track and at one minute and fifty seconds long this is noticeably the strongest song on the record. With its quickfire drum intro followed by the crashing sounds of a fast, catchy punk rock chord progression it’s hard not to tap your feet or nod your head to this one. It’s easy for me to imagine myself at the front of whichever sweaty gig venue I might be at shouting along to the lyrics, locked together with some of my best friends arms around me.

This is something Neverlearn do really well throughout this EP: sing-along, anthemic choruses. They’re at their strongest when I feel compelled to raise my fist above my head and air punch along to each beat, each lyric and each breakdown.

For me, it’s safe to say this EP has exceeded expectations. With every listen I enjoyed each song a little bit more. I’ve always felt bands like Neverlearn will work best in short, quick bursts. So, this EP has been perfect. Would I consider buying a full length? Maybe. But I wouldn’t want it to be any longer than thirty minutes.

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