Mixtape Saints: Track-by-Track And EP Stream

We are delighted to premiere the first full stream of the new Mixtape Saints EP, Bright Lights Burned Out, ahead of it’s release on Friday 16th September. Check it out below:

We also asked frontman Sam Moloney to give us more information on the EP, so he obliged with this track-by-track.

Spare Change
I wrote this song when I was out on a run of shows a few years ago. It was just before Christmas and we were all pretty low on funds so we’d go busking in the afternoon just to try and get a bit more cash together which is kind of where the chorus line comes from. One night we were driving between shows and as we headed along the coast, you could see the lights of the towns all spread out down to shoreline and the first line kinda came into my head so I started writing the lyrics on my phone….pretty sure I played the song like the next night.

Hold Fast/Hold Tight
I think Dan has to take a lot of credit for the sound of this one! We tend to work in a way where I’ll write the basic structure of a track and then send demos over, and we kinda swap ideas that way. I wrote the basic structure of Hold Fast and then he sent it back with this ace guitar riff on that reminded me of something you find Bob Stinson (The Replacements) play. SO cool. When we were writing BLBO we’d been talking a lot about Budd Holly and the way he and a lot of bands in the 50’s used hand claps for percussion and we really wanted to do something like that on this. Dan plays a comb on it as well!

Heartbreak, Radio, Cars and Rain
This was originally a full band track (it might even get released like that at some point) but we thought it would be cool to do a really low-key version of it. Most of our songs are a weird mix of positive and negative, and it kind of felt right to do this one this way. When we were actually tracking it there was a massive storm outside, so we just opened all the windows and turned a mic round. The (literal) thunder on the track happened live as we were recording which seemed sort of appropriate!

No Regrets
This was another full band song originally and it was one of the first ones I wrote when I started playing as Mixtape Saint a few years back. I really enjoy re-writing songs; sometimes you can end up finding ways of phrasing words, or different tunes and melodies that you end up liking better than the original and that was definitely the case with this one.

Bright Lights Burned Out
I had this name in my head before I’d actually written the song. I tend to use a lot of the same phrases throughout songs to describe the way I’m feeling or as like a form of short had for stuff that’s more complicated (it’s not that I’m just lazy I promise) and I’ve had a thing for talking about lights for ages. I often end up writing songs to kind of act as something for me to hold on to if things get really sketchy and this is definitely one of those. Its about how it feels like a lot of the things we were promised growing up turned out to be lies, and all the negative feelings that seem to come along with that. This song is really about finding a way to overcome that, and to find something of your own.

You can pre-order the record right here now: it comes in pretty sexy cassette format.

Mixtape Saints will also be joining the recently announced Little Rocket Records Tour, featuring  Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves and LRR label mates The Run Up. Check out the tour poster below.


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