Lost Love: Good Luck Rassco

  • Artist:Lost Love
  • Title:Good Luck Rassco
  • Format Reviewed:MP3
  • Format Released:13th July 2018
  • Reviewed By:Lee Morton

Canada has one of the most vibrant and exciting punk scenes in the world right now with so much great music coming out from our Commonwealth cousins, and to that list you can now add Montreal quartet Lost Love who recently released their new album Good Luck Rassco via Stomp Records.

I first came across these guys supporting Ghouls at the New Cross Inn and was blown away by their energy and don’t-give-a-shit attitude, buying their record that night. Whilst away from the glow and sweat of the live show that album had some irristible pop nuggets, this album is a leap forward in terms of consistency and all round quality.

From the opening notes of Sexting Across America to final track Burrito Kind Of Guy this album is full of catchy melodies, plenty of “na-na-na’s” with their day-glo pop tendencies to the fore loud and proud. Sexting Across America has the immediacy of Weezer’s greatest moments, with a real summer vibe that is uplifting and leaves a permanent smile on your face, which doesn’t leave for the whole thirty minutes of the album.

There’s a feeling of positivity that runs through the whole record as melodies and innuendo combine to create some of the most memorable music I’ve listened to this year. Take the brilliantly titled Are You Still Alive, You Dumb Phoque, which will have you singing along from the off or the glorious love song of Gospel Tabernacle loaded with beautiful harmonies and driving basslines.

Clay Turris, the first single to be lifted from the album, sounds like the bastard child of Weezer and Jimmy Eat World balancing as it does some fuzzy guitar work over a catchy drum beat and even the more sombre moments, such as on Pardon My French, are balanced by some up-tempo guitar strokes that means it still sounds uplifting.

Turisto Cracko is yet another highlight, a real summer banger that will have you swaying and singing along as does John Wayne Gretzky which is carried along on a simple steady drum beat, distorted guitars and honest, impassioned lyrics.

Every track here is pop-punk gold and Hangover Drive is no exception. A tale of lovers growing up is beautifully crafted and the production makes it sound huge and has one of my favourite lines on the album in “of all the things I can’t explain, my love for you remains the same”.

The end comes all too soon with final track Burrito Kind Of Guy that bounces along on fuzzy basslines and will make the nerds amongst you smile with its Star Wars references, more distorted guitars and an epic singalong of na-na-na’s” as the track fades out.

As you can tell I’m absolutely gushing in praise of this album. It’s witty, honest, uplifting and perfect summer listening and deserves a wider audience. A strong contender for album of the year.

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