Fresh from releasing their new self-titled debut album on 19th May, we caught up with UK three-piece Loom…

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, how’s it going?
Loom: Good day Punk Archive, all is well over at Loom HQ

The Punk Archive: You’ve just released a new record. It’s been two years in the making: talk us through the writing and recording process?
Loom: We recorded half the record ourselves and the other half with John Coxon at Ray Davies’ Konk studios. We were privileged to work with John, given that he produced and played on the Spiritualized album that won a Mercury Prize. Konk is obviously pretty legendary and recording there definitely had an impact on how we approached the live recording process. We benefited from having a guitarist producing the album, as the two guitars together is such an integral part of our sound, and John knew how to push us in the right ways to bring this out. There’s no point having two guitars in a band if one isn’t complementing the other: we were able to challenge this in the recording process. Mark Ralph and Duncan Mills mixed and mastered different parts of the album.

The Punk Archive: What were the influences behind the record?
Loom: Primarily punk; the Misfits, The Stooges, Sonic Youth, the Jesus Lizard, Pixies, The Gun Club, Nirvana etc. We always like to play around with covers as it gives you fresh ideas on how to approach the songwriting process.

The Punk Archive: Do you get apprehensive or excited when releasing new music?
Loom: Definitely excited. We’ve been sat on this record for a while and it feels great finally having it out there. It’s a an odd feeling going from a collection of tracks written and recorded in the studio, to holding a physical copy. We’re very proud of this record and excited for you all to hear it.

The Punk Archive: How would you sum up the record to people who’ve not listened to you before?
Loom: It’s a stampede from start to finish.

The Punk Archive: Do you have any particular favourite tracks on the record and why?
Loom: Barbed Wire is a favourite. The version on the album is the first take we did live in the studio. We recorded a few more after but the first one really captured the sheer ferocity of the track. It’s a favourite to play live too.

The Punk Archive: What does the rest of 2017 hold for you?
Loom: Touring and recording. We’re eager to get started on the second record which we’re already writing for and will be ready to head back into the studio very soon.

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