Kosmik Boogie Tribe: We’re Not Here To F*** Spiders

  • Artist:Kosmik Boogie Tribe
  • Title:We're Not Here To Fuck Spiders
  • Format Reviewed:MP3
  • Format Released:6th April 2018
  • Reviewed By:Lee Morton

The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” certainly applies to the latest release from Oslo band Kosmik Boogie Tribe. Formed by members of The Good The Bad and The Zugly, Lonely Kamel and Mormones they deal in dirty rock’n’roll that takes all the best bits from the 60s and 70s, pours booze down its throat and makes it smoke 40 fags. We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders is the sound of a bar room brawl with the winner being sleazy punk.

The boogie in the name is all over these eight tracks, from the Status Quo riffs of Creature Of Habit to the ZZ Top influenced Optical Migraine it’s a non-stop boogie fest, with drink stained vocals that conjures images of dingy, smoky bars. The lo-fi recording adds a warmth to the sound as this is as far from polished as you can get, which is exactly as it should be.

The sleaze is ratcheted up a notch on We’ve Got The Cash which clearly takes inspiration from Bon Scott era AC/DC with plenty of riffs and a sound so greasy you feel dirty just listening to it whilst the southern fried rock’n’roll epic Pablo Was Here is a kaleidoscope of riffs which swirl around your ears and fry your brains.

The second half of the album is spikier than the first half with a snarling attitude and plenty of c-bombs. The buzzing Looking Out For Number One mangles the simplicity of The Ramones through boogie filters creating something that’s both different, yet familiar. The catchy I’ve Had Enough Of You with its repetitive chorus will have you bellowing along and then takes a left turn incorporating elements of The Beatles/The Kinks before all the sounds collide in a cacophony of riffs and feedback.

The Rat is a frantic, high-energy track, with squealing guitars over a pulsating bassline that couldn’t be more denim and leather if it tried; but they save the best for last with the brilliantly titled Piss, Punk And Pie closing the album in swaggering style. Shredding guitars, infectious verses and the repeated chorus all combine to create a beast of a track.

In a scene of wannabies and posers, Kosmik Boogie Tribe have crafted a record that is unashamedly retro yet in spite of that manages to sound current and fresh. Honest, good time rock’n’roll will never go out of fashion.

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