Kill The Ideal

Our writer Katie caught up with UK rockers Kill The Ideal ahead of their Bristol show at the start of March…

TPA: How have the last few dates of the tour been, have you been affected by the snow?
KTI: Nightmare, absolute nightmare… it’s just been soul-destroying every day. We literally couldn’t get out the county, the roads have all been blocked. Just been in bed miserable all week. Lots of Netflix.

TPA: That sucks… At least tonight is still going ahead! Your new EP was launched back in November, how did that go?
KTI: It was wicked, we never really anticipated anything because we released our first EP two and a half years ago, went off the radar, recorded, lost a member, it kinda feels like we’re starting again from scratch. The then the release went well, it went really good.

TPA: Has it been a busy few months since?
KTI: It’s just been busy full stop. We’ve recently signed to Saviour Management, which has been amazing. Our manager is working us really hard, every month now is just jam-packed with stuff. And then before that we were trying to do it ourselves off our own back.

TPA: Do you have a favourite track to play live off the new EP at the moment?
KTI: We like a track called My Life, it’s not released as a single or anything but we all just love to play it. It’s at the end, everything climaxes. It’s a good one to mosh to: if you can take a hint just start a pit!

TPA: I’ll be there! Have you noticed the reaction to the latest EP has been different to the last one, having had a couple of years getting out touring?
KTI: Big difference, we’ve grown a lot wider, our fanbase has grown outside of the UK and Europe as well. If you go on Spotify you can see where your fans are and we’ve got them all over now, and we’re getting messages all the time from people saying they’re digging the material. It means a lot, we do what we do for the specific reason that we love it, so if people dig it it’s great. Just need to get to Australia now don’t we!

TPA: How did you choose the tracks on the EP, was there a theme or did they just sound good together?
KTI: We basically had quite a few recordings, we had some we thought we would keep some for a later date, listened to the others we had, and they just seemed to work together. I think it’s like anything, you get chemistry between tracks and it’s like a crescendo, you get the highs and the lows and it gives you the dynamic.

TPA: What was some of the inspiration behind the songs on there? I read Dangerous is about not giving up despite being told you’re not going to make it…
KTI: Yeah, we’ve all individually through our lives had a lot of shit, I got bullied horrifically when I was younger. There’s a lot of negativity out there at the minute and if you give in and listen to what people are saying you’re not going to do anything with your life. It’s about doing what makes you happy, whether it’s being a doctor, a musician or an accountant, whatever, just do what you love and don’t take any shit.

TPA: What about the other tracks?
KTI: Very similar, Spotlight is just again about we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, it’s about keeping your head above the water and trying not to worry about any bad shit, it always sorts itself out. You just have to keep looking forward. Between us we’re very positive people, it’s just to try and put a positive message out there especially with things at the minute: it’s pretty crap isn’t it. But there’s a lot of beauty out there, a lot of great things, you just have to find it.

TPA: If some of the readers haven’t heard you before how would you describe your sound in a few words?
KTI: Incendiary, hairy, dangerous rock. I was more hairy but I trimmed it today stupidly!

TPA: I’m sure that will tempt some people to listen! What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
KTI: We’re out every month now, got loads of little things going on behind the scenes that we’ve not quite announced yet, festivals… It’s the busiest we’re ever been, we’re working on new material constantly, we don’t want to stop, we want to keep the momentum going. We’re like a leech, once we’re attached we don’t want to let go! We’ve all got day jobs but we want to be doing music full-time. Our manager James is terrific, he’s pushing us hard. We don’t really care what it is, how far away it is, if it’s getting us out there we take any opportunity we get.

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