Interview: Such Strange Arts

Having just signed with Standby Records and released details of their forthcoming new EP, we caught up with pop-punks Such Strange Arts

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, introduce yourselves to our readers?
Such Strange Arts: Hey Punk Archive, we’re Such Strange Arts from Rayleigh in Essex! We are Jake (singer), Matt (guitar), Dean (bass) and Antony (drums).
The Punk Archive: Who are your biggest influences?
Jake: Probably Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, and Ed Sheeran. Both are great singers and amazing songwriters!
Matt: Green Day and Busted. No questions.
Dean: I know its cliché, but Mark Hoppus is pretty rad.
Antony: It’s not really pop-punk, but Ray Luzier from Korn has always been a big influence on me!

The Punk Archive: What influences your songwriting?

Such Strange Arts: As a band it’s pretty broad! We listen to everything from first and second wave pop-punk through to what’s in the charts at the moment. Usually songwriting starts from the smallest idea, like a riff or a vocal melody, then we build it up using all of our influences!
The Punk Archive: How would you say you guys fit into the current pop-punk scene? Are you more of the second-wave, The Story So Far style pop-punk? If so, how do you differentiate yourselves from others?
Such Strange Arts: We differentiate ourselves from a lot of other pop-punk bands because of the amount of pop in our tracks! We’re probably too ‘pop’ to be considered second wave pop-punk, or even first wave: but their influence on us keeps us between the two styles.
The Punk Archive: Why do you think pop-punk is so big right now?
Such Strange Arts: Probably because of the recent rise of gateway bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and McBusted (well, now good old Busted and McFly)! They are huge influences on us, especially with the way they merge the pop with the punk and rock. This is leading people to checking out pop-punk bands in general. Aside from this, pop-punk is just cool, does it really need justifying?!


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