Interview: Me vs Hero

We caught up with Sam from Blackpool pop-punk upstarts Me vs Hero following their set at Slam Dunk Festival…

The Punk Archive: You’ve played some pretty big gigs and festivals recently (Slam Dunk, touring with Polar Bear Club, as well as Warped UK last year), how has that been for you?
Sam: We always love playing festivals, they never disappoint, especially Slam Dunk. It’s probably our favourite. Polar Bear Club were lovely guys, we had van issues at the start of tour and bass issues on tour, they helped us out real good.

The Punk Archive: Who would you say your main influences are as a band?
Sam: It varies between us all and is ever changing. It’s hard to just even name a few. It gets as diverse as being influenced by a Dillinger Escape Plan rhythm or something similar.

Me vs Hero on stage at Slam Dunk South 2013

The Punk Archive: Do you find you get lumped into the ‘standard pop-punk’ category a lot with the likes of New Found Glory and others? Does that bother you?
Sam: Doesn’t bother us at all, we are standard pop punk, even more so with the new stuff we have coming out.

The Punk Archive: You’re from Blackpool: was there anything about your lives growing up which made you turn to punk?
Sam: Nothing major, I wasn’t a ‘rebellious’ kid , I just liked the music. I remember my best friend at the time playing me Dookie in his bedroom. When I Come Around is still one of my favourite songs ever. It just doesn’t get old.

The Punk Archive: How is work on the new album going?
Sam: It’s been tough, we’ve had a lot of complications and it’s taking way longer than we could have even thought possible. We’re currently waiting for it back from America.

The Punk Archive: Should we expect any surprises in sound or direction on the new album?
Sam: Absolutely. We adopted the easy core style when we started and we were one of the first bands doing it, but, like anything it gets old and over done, so your musical direction changes slightly . The new album is still catchy pop punk, but it’s much more interesting and dynamic.

The Punk Archive: What are your thoughts on the pop-punk ‘revival’ we’re currently going through, with bands such as The Story So Far and Man Overboard really flying the flag?
Sam: It’s obviously great, I’d love pop punk to be a major form of music that gets proper air time on major stations. Fuck all this god awful pop music like One Direction (although it does stick in my head! Bloody sexy imbeciles!)

The Punk Archive: Is it tough to be a pop-punk band from the UK in a genre which is heavily dominated by American bands?
Sam: I think so yeah. Being British and growing up on American pop punk, it’s quite romantic in a sense. So it’s hard for English bands to compete against something they aren’t. It’s a trap 99% of Brit punk bands will fall into, over-doing the Americanism, until you find your own sound. Hopefully with our upcoming album I’m Completely Fine people will hear Me vs Hero as a more honest and secure sound that suits us.

Me vs Hero’s new album will be out soon.

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