Influences: Abraskadabra

Brazilian ska-punk heroes Abraskadabra released their new album, Welcome, a little earlier this week on 20th February. We asked them to pull together a playlist of songs which influenced the development of that new album…

A Wilhelm Scream, Boat Builders: One of the biggest influences on us aside from the “ska world”: just a powerful band and a great tune from their last CD.

The Suicide Machines, Junk: Ska-punk at its best. Melodic, aggressive and just the right amount of gang vocals!

Samiam, Sunshine: A beautiful song and powerful melodic chords.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Where’d You Go: What can we say? Major influence, just too classy.

The Skints, Tazer Beam: One of the bands we’ve been listening the most, our best discovery of 2017. They kick ass!

Popes of Chillitown, Wisdom Teeth: We only discovered them recently. This song is just so fun.

We Are The Union, Dust on the Hourglass: One of the bands we relate to the most..this is one of the best songs from their last full album in our opinion.

Skatalites, Swing Easy: The godfathers of the genre, killer horn section on this tune.

Descendents, Smile: Such deep and powerful lyrics, and one of our favourite bands of all time, melody at its best.

Interrupters, Phantom City: Huge fans of these guys, in this particular song it gets pretty sweet because of the horn section.

The Frightnrs, Nothing More to Say: Not a direct influence but a song that inspired us a lot. It’s a beautiful song and his voice is so unique.

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