InAir: A Different Light

  • Artist:InAir
  • Title:A Different Light
  • Format Reviewed:MP3
  • Format Released:24th November 2017
  • Reviewed By:Claire Coward

Reading trio InAir released their new EP A Different Light back in November and we’ve been enjoying spinning it here over at The Punk Archive.

The band describe the album as having a “theme of optimism for the future” and you can hear that in the uplifting lyrics, which nestle in with some seriously catchy synth-rock beats. The EP is full of pulsing energy, electronica and synth highlights, and metal grooves.

Rise Again is the first track and the debut single off the EP. It’s a great choice for the first single; it paints a real picture, with the lyrics speaking about being trapped, but when the chorus kicks in the optimism of the band really shines through; “Rise again from the ashes that you burn!” There is a really nice poppy element to this single with interesting drum patterns. The breakdown at the end is like a gothic rave, slow with heavy doom-ish beats.

Tonight Is Our Night follows suit, mixing genres in a catchy and up-beat style. Every second is layered with something interesting. There is something distinctly Bring Me The Horizon about this song and it could definitely round up a mosh pit.

Bound To Break is the third track up. We get the Enter Shikari-style vocal and a synth intro, which builds up to a grungey drum beat, adding instruments as it builds to the vocals in the verse. Then it’s like someone has flicked a switch and the song takes a more dance-like turn. A big sing-along chorus chanting “breakaway!” Just like the first song, there’s lots of interesting things to hear and you pick up on a new layer of the song with every listen.

A wave of electronica and a speeding drum roll introduces us to Insomnia. In contrast, the verses slow allowing us to hear a crisp and sincere vocal from Joe Conneely. The pre-chorus has a really positive and pop-punk vibe, reminding me (for a split second) of elements from Angels & Airwaves The Adventure.

The overall feel of A Different Light is a rich and epic sound, with familiar vocals, grand sing-along choruses and a really upbeat vibe. It’s full of great sing along moments and beats designed to make you dance, all white maintaining some smooth metal riffs. It is full of energy, but the calm moments don’t go a miss and really help to enhance the chunky riffs. Every song starts with an anthemic build, giving InAir their very own distinctive sound.

The band is made up of front man and bassist Joe Conneely, drummer Connor Shortt and guitarist Aaron Iley; the latter two adding to the backing vocals. It’s always extra impressive when such a mature and complex sound comes from a trio or duo, so it’s exciting to see what else they have in store.

It’s not difficult to see how InAir have gained comparisons to genre-crossing bands such as Enter Shikari and Linkin Park, which is no mean feat. Described by the band as “our best work to date”, A Different Light is sure to turn some heads.

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