Forever Unclean: Woof

  • Artist:Forever Unclean
  • Title:Woof
  • Format Reviewed:MP3
  • Format Released:8th June 2018
  • Reviewed By:Lee Morton

Hot on the heels of last year’s incredible Float EP, Danish punks Forever Unclean are back with another EP, Woof, released on the 8thJune via Disconnect Disconnect Records. Now, cards on the table, I’m a massive fan of last year’s EP and had already bought the new EP before Editor Dan sent me the link for review. I think Forever Unclean are one of the most exciting bands in punk right now and are arguably the greatest Danish export after Carlsberg, pastries and a certain drummer from Metallica.

I had already heard EP opening track Sleep as they played it live at their Manchester Punk Festival appearance back in April but on record you can better hear the component parts all come together: the screamed vocals, hooks and plenty of melodies collide in a raucous track that instantly made me scream along, especially on the mid-section breakdown.

Continuing the one word title theme, which is across all three of their EPs so far, Words buzzes along on classic punk riffs as the lyrics take aim at people who manipulate and twist your words. Angst-driven vocals add to the crunchy guitar sound whilst the band’s harmonies on the chorus create another singalong punk banger.

The fast and chaotic Weird follows and bounces around like a kid in a candy shop as rumbling basslines provide the foundation for choppy guitar riffs and high pitched screams. With so much chaotic energy the band always sound like they’re about to career off a cliff before turning just before the edge. It’s a great feeling as you’re never quite sure what they are going to do next.

Penultimate song and title track Woof is up next and doesn’t stray from their tried and tested formula of throwing the kitchen sink at two minutes of melodic skate punk. Steady bass lines anchor the song as frantic drumming and guitar riffs run riot with infectious energy.

The relentless pace carries on with final song Road, before slowing down around the mid-point for some clean ballad style crooning from vocalist Lasse Mikkelsen before he lets out a scream introducing the instrumental breakdown of heavy riffs and pounding drums as it crawls to its climatic conclusion. Intoxicating stuff.

In a little over eleven minutes Forever Unclean have compressed and bottled the high tempo energy of skate punk, littered with harmonies and melodies that left a massive smile on my face and had me screaming along straight away. It really is the dog’s bollocks.

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