As they get ready to launch Sonder to the world on 27th April, we caught up with Wolverhampton rockers Dearist…

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, how’s it going?
Dearist: Great, thanks, everything’s good! How’s it going?

The Punk Archive: Yeah, great thanks! Give our readers who’re new to you a brief history of Dearist?
Dearist: Well, we’ve been friends for years, having all played in previous bands and growing up in the local scene, we’d end up on the same shows together, or going to see bands play. A few years ago, Adam started a solo project that evolved into what Dearist became, and the rest of us were gradually recruited one by one. We started playing live at the very end of 2015, as we released our debut record. Since then, we’ve been trying to keep busy with shows and tours, and more recently sorting out the release of Sonder.

The Punk Archive: You’ve played shows over the past two years with a whole variation of different bands. How do you feel that helps you develop as a band?
Dearist: I always get so inspired when I’m watching bands we’re on tour with. It’s awesome getting to see the energy and dynamic they carry. Usually we come away from a tour excited to rehearse and get better as a band. After playing live every night for a few days, a week or however long it is, it helps to become tighter as musicians, which I think is the best time to be constructively critical about the performance side of things. We’ve got quite a clear idea of what we want the Dearist live show to be, so it’s nice to feel freshly inspired after a tour, and make some adjustments here and there.

The Punk Archive: You’ve recently signed to Spartan Records: how did that come about?
Dearist: We love the Spartan Records roster, so we sent them a demo of the first song we finished after the release of our debut record, just to see if they liked it, which they did! That was probably about 18 months ago, which is pretty crazy, but we kept in touch from there. As we finished more demos we sent them across, and John at Spartan was just as enthusiastic about everything we showed him. He was eager to sign us, but what’s amazing is he was really patient with letting us finish the record without a deadline or anything like that, which we’re very appreciative of.

The Punk Archive: Talk us through the writing and recording process for Sonder?
Dearist: We pretty much did home demos of every song on the record, apart from one song, and we had a few extra half written things too. So there was maybe 15 full songs, as well as some other ideas that got canned earlier on. Initially, Adam would come up with the skeleton of a song, and we’d all write our parts to it and then make adjustments from there, which completed the demoing. When it was time to begin tracking the record we decided to record drums with our friend Luke Titmus at his studio in Digbeth, Birmingham. He has a really cool, big space, and the drums sounded huge in there. The rest was done at Adam’s studio in his house. Like I said before, Spartan were really patient with us, so we had time to really work and rework guitar and vocal ideas at Adam’s place. It was a really nice recording process, but I’m glad it’s finished, and I’m excited for these songs to be out.

The Punk Archive: What were your main influences when writing the record?
Dearist: There’s such a huge range of different influences on this record, as with almost every record. As this is the first time all five of us worked together on the same body of music, we did initially talk about what we collectively wanted out of these new songs. But when it came to what we were creating it didn’t sound anything like what we discussed! So we decided to just write songs without consciously leaning towards a certain influence in particular. I mean, listening to it, you can hear the stuff we all love, but I think we’ve created a sound that is unique to us. At least, I hope we have.

The Punk Archive: Which is your favourite song on the record and why?
Dearist: That’s a really difficult one to answer, as my favourite song is always changing. At the moment, I’m really loving Beaches. Maybe because we just finished a video for it, and it feels kind of fresh again. It was actually one of the first few songs we demoed for the record, and we’ve been playing it live recently. Aside from that, I love the final track Colours. This was the last song we wrote, and we didn’t actually demo it properly before recording it. In fact, we had to book an extra evening at Luke’s studio to squeeze it into the drum sessions. Even when we tracked drums it was only really half an idea, just drums and a guitar, but it definitely started coming together when the guys were working on guitars and vocals for the chorus at Binder’s place. It was a bit of a gamble and it nearly didn’t make the cut, but I’m really glad it’s there. It seemed fitting to have it close out the record.

The Punk Archive: What else does 2018 hold for you?
Dearist: We’ve got a some cool things lined up for the rest of the year! There’s a lot of work to be done on one thing in particular, which we can’t give away just yet. Aside from that, we’ll just trying to keep busy with shows and tours, and some videos and stuff.

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