Coast To Coast

  • Headliners:Coast To Coast
  • Support:PINE, New,Again and Better Than Never
  • When:20th April 2017
  • Where:The Fiddler's Elbow, London
  • Reviewed By:Claire Coward

The Fiddler’s Elbow is famed for being the host to many a famous band; a hub, some sort of Mecca, if you will, for punk music. The kind of place you go to discover bands before they have their big break and really make it. Tonight was not an exception. In fact, this night felt like the start of something special.

First on to the stage were Liverpool’s PINE. A five-piece pop-punk band with a lot of grit and energy, PINE set the bar high. They played a fantastic, screamo cover of Teenage Dirtbag, which went down really well with the audience, who had amassed at the front of the stage to form a mosh pit. PINE are your classic scousers: cracking jokes between songs and having a lot of fun.

New, Again (stylised with the comma) were the second band up and are equally as lively. A cover of blink-182 ties in nicely with their original songs, which included key single Nervous. The influence of classic emo bands such as My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday could easily be heard through their songs. Vocalist Vik was very slick and performed like a seasoned professional. They finished their short but memorable set by performing the first song they ever wrote. The audience cheered in appreciation: these guys obviously had fans in attendance!

Oxford sextet Better Than Never took to the stage as the third band of the night. The room was really filling up with people by this point, as well as the stage. They threw themselves straight into the heaviest performance of the night. With three vocalists they mixed a range of different genres and sounds, but essentially the music was strongly rooted in pop-punk, drawing influence from the likes of A Day To Remember and Alexisonfire. A nod to Fall Out Boy, a perfect metal cover of Sugar We’re Goin’ Down, went down a storm. Their whole vibe was feel-good American punk music and the crowd loved it.

Headlining the night were Coast to Coast. Formed of five friends from Birmingham, this band have a distinctive sound which has drawn in such a big crowd to such a compact venue on this night. They hit the stage and the whole room was instantly full of energy: mosh pits and dancing from start to finish. Vocalist Keiran has a beautifully distinct voice and a great live energy.

Coast to Coast mix heavy beats with pop-punk guitar riffs, creating a winning combination. A stuffed toy fox is thrown around the audience along with a chant of “FOX FOX FOX!”, an appreciative nod to the band’s record label who had played host on the seven date UK tour.

The night ended on a high note: the audience are chanting for more and the bands look accomplished and happy. I highly recommend checking out all of the bands from the line up because I had a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot of great pop-punk music.

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