Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox: 101 Haikus

It’s been quite some time since I’ve read poetry: I think the last time I looked at it in any …

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Siberian Meat Grinder: Metal Bear Stomp

Sometimes the name of a band evokes an image: what you think they might sound like. That’s definitely the case …

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Harbour Sharks: A History of Violence

Having burst on to the scene in 2015 with their debut single Alive To Survive Kingston trio Harbour Sharks have been …

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I The Mighty: Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go

Ten years in, and I The Mighty are back with their fourth album Where The Mind Wants To Go / …

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No Warning: Torture Culture

After over a decade away Toronto hardcore heroes No Warning are back with a new album, Torture Culture, which is …

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Hypochristmutreefuzz: Hypopotomonstroses-quipedaliophobia

What is Hypochristmutreefuzz? And what on earth is Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia? These two questions are something you’ll be likely to ask, not …

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Image 25-09-2017 at 20.17

Seaway: Vacation

Yeah so this isn’t going to make me popular with all of my team, but I love, love, love this …

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Protected Left / The Shortlife: Split

Protected Left are another band to come out of Oakland, California, a place that has a rich history in musical …

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Life Lessons: Best When In Motion

Having self-released their previous two EPs, Oklahoma City’s Life Lessons honed their sound on tour before entering the studio in …

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Russian Girlfriends: All Around

Formed in 2014, US melodic-punks Russian Girlfriends quickly self-released their debut album All Around just a year later and now having …

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