Maypine Cover Artwork

Maypine: In The Back Of My Mind

In The Back of My Mind opens with a guitar tone and chord progression that reminded me of being a teenager …

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Loom: Loom

The cauterisation of a band’s music often happens in your head from the first few bars. We then seem to …

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Cock Sparrer: Forever

What does it take to be considered of legendary status in the music business? I gave this some thought when …

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Ten Cents Short: Major Steps, Minor Setbacks

The promo material to this new EP from Massachusetts pop-punks Ten Cents Short reads that the record i for fans …

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Raygun Cowboys: The Cowboy Code

Raygun Cowboys are a Canadian band from Edmonton who are about to unleash a brand new album upon us. In …

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Kamikaze Girls: Seafoam

Last year Kamikaze Girls released their critically acclaimed debut EP SAD, and with tales of anxiety, depression and addition it …

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Veridian: 40826D

Reading sextet Veridian are ready to take the UK rock scene by storm. Following a run of shows supporting Evarose …

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Great Cynics POSI artwork 1600

Great Cynics: Posi

This fourth studio album from London trio Great Cynics does well in sounding like something you’ve definitely heard before, whilst …

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Gnash Rambler: Gnash Rambler

You might think that a loud, beating Gnash Rambler running all over Canada would be enough to send people running …

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Ghouls: Run

A more mature, grown-up sound can offer set alarm bells ringing as it sometimes translates to “boring” but that’s not …

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