As December Falls

Fresh from the release of new single Keep Dreaming, we caught up with Nottingham rockers As December Falls…

The Punk Archive: Hey guys, how’s it going?
ADF: All good thank you, thanks for having us!

The Punk Archive: Introduce yourselves to our readers?
ADF: We’re As December Falls; a loud, female-fronted rock / pop band from the UK!

The Punk Archive: How did you all get into music?
Bethany: Both my older sisters were into rock music which meant that that was all I listened to growing up. Wanting to be in a band and sing just grew from there.
Ande: I was 14, living in Spain when my older cousin came to visit from England. He found this old, beaten-up classical guitar that hadn’t been touched in years. He tuned it up and taught me how to play the main riff in Can’t Stop and I’ve been hooked ever since!
Bambi:I got into music off my secondary school English teacher. He was massively into metal music and recordings so we would always talk about it and it inspired me to learn guitar.
Lukas: I’ve always been into music and my Dad was a drummer. My parents got me an electric drum kit when I was younger to learn on but nothing beats playing a real kit.

The Punk Archive:  Tell us about your history. You’ve been a band since 2014 – how do you think you’ve changed and grown since then?
ADF: Our sound has definitely progressed a lot over the few years we’ve been together. The first time we all were in the same room was when we started recording the A Home Inside Your Head EP. It was an interesting experience recording with people you’ve never met before but since those early sessions, we’ve all become inseparable.
A massive part of the sound evolving has been investing money into proper producers and videographers as well as honing our song writing in general. We’ve also all improved as musicians individually that clearly has a positive impact on the overall sound.
We parted ways with our original rhythm guitarist in 2015 and Bambi joined us last year as a full member and he brings a much more diverse and different approach to rhythm playing.

The Punk Archive: You’re soon to release a new single. Talk us through the writing and recording process?
ADF: We actually wrote the song last summer along with the B-side and another single called More To You. It was one of those songs that took a bit of work and a lot of re-arranging before it was finished. Originally the pre-chorus was the main hook in the chorus until Beth wrote the Keep Dreaming line which meant we had to change the whole structure of the song. We tackled the three songs in a week of recording although instead of doing the usual drums and bass and guitars etc we spent a whole day recording each song. It was a different way to our usual approach but allowed us to be more focused on each track.

The Punk Archive: Were you more excited or more nervous before releasing it?
ADF: We were quite nervous as it’s definitely the darkest song we’ve put out, we didn’t know if fans would enjoy it less than our poppier material but so far everyone has loved it!

The Punk Archive: What is the single about?
ADF: It’s basically about not giving up despite whatever life throws at you, finding that inner strength to just carry on against all the odds.

The Punk Archive: What does the rest of 2017 hold for you?
ADF: We’re playing a few shows: MacMillan Fest in September, Deadbolt Fest in October but apart from that we’re taking a break to focus writing our debut album which we hope to put out next year.

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